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Porsche fitted with TracTive Suspension System
Porsche fitted with TracTive Suspension System
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Having acquired a 930 Restomod from Maundrells in Wantage in Dec 2021 (now resembling a 73 RSR), the existing suspension upgrades had already considerably improved the feel and driving dynamics in comparison with a standard car. However, as an ex-racer, I was confident that there was still considerable potential which could be unlocked. First was the move to polybushing all suspension and engine mounts but this in truth proved too much for the road – remembering that this is a road car with occasional track day use. As a unit the feel and suspension were simply too hard for the road and too soft for the track. A search for alternative damping and spring rates began and following several conversations with the UK’s premiere Porsche handing experts they suggested that the best systems were supplied by TracTive.

This comes in several models from road to full race and within each you can instantly switch through 5 settings either by selecting a knob position or from a small LED screen. The system allows you to tailor front and rear damping along with pitch and roll. Having spoken to Steve at Tractive I decided to go for the road biased ACE system which uses standard car top mounts.

Once installed, balanced and geometrically aligned by the ‘Porsche wizard’ – Craig Mayo at Maundrells, it was immediately apparent that the car was far more grounded and the switching to softer settings gave a much more comfortable and compliant feel on the B roads – a big win!  However, it was at a track day at Castle Combe where the performance of the system really became apparent. Castle Combe is known as a circuit that responds best to a softer race setting and in conjunction with the very wet initial track conditions the selection of the softer settings instantly gave the car surprising levels of grip and composure, leading to confidence to explore the limits much further. As the track dried out through the day the selection of a firmer setting continued to allow the balance limits to be ‘played’ with. I am very pleased with the performance of the system and will continue to explore the infinite adjustability of the system to suit the prevailing conditions in the future.

Driver experience aside the system provided the feel, grip, balance, and composure resulting in several very positive comments back in the paddock!

Steve Miller

An ex racer who owns a beautiful Chartreuse Green 930, back dated to look like a 2.8 RSR.

I’m really really pleased. It has totally transformed the car. It was primarily set up for the track so it was quite firm but with the state of the local roads it was becoming difficult to get any pleasure from driving it anywhere and trying to dodge every bump and badly repaired bit of road.

On its softest setting it is still firm but driving to a track day at the weekend I realised I just didn’t notice the suspension anymore. It just worked like a suspension. The best bit was when I started to drive on track though. The car inspired more and more confidence, the passive Bilsteins had been rebuilt probably 3-4000 mile ago so we’re in good condition but this is on a different level.

I am now braking too soon and need to get a lot braver and coming out of the corners on track the car is just so much more stable and inspires confidence, the body control over slight bumps or gradient changes is amazing.

Before there was always a little feeling of movement putting down the power coming out of corners, the car always had great traction and on a dry track had never actually let go but always had the feeling it might. This time I kept giving it full throttle earlier and earlier through the corners. The limits of the car have just come up several levels and I need to catch up!

The ability to change the settings to suit the road or situation instantly makes the car much more usable on the road but it just gives so much more confidence on track as well.


Owner of a Porsche 996.2 GT3 fitted with TracTive and set up by Nine Excellence.

Land Rover fitted with TracTive Suspension System
Land Rover fitted with TracTive Suspension System

After 35 years in the LR Defender market, avid Defender specialist, owner of Nene Overland Andrew Harrison-Smith continually looks for solutions to take the iconic Defender’s drivability to another level. Over the years various suspension solutions have been developed at Nene including air suspension, all give some advantages, however none have given the versatility of the TracTive system. Having the ability to totally transform handling without the need to upgrade existing road springs or anti roll bars, Andrew is 110% hooked on TracTive. Being semi-active, the driver is able to choose 5 preset programs, all maximising a mixture of anti roll, front and rear anti-dive, hard or soft ride characteristics and on the fly adjustment to suit rough or smooth road surfaces. Able to maximise fast road or track performance, stiffen up the rear for heavy load or trailer work or just glide along in comfort as if your on air.  It has taken classic Defender’s drivability to another level, not only suited to a standard unmodified Defender, it can take your high performance V8, diesel or EV Defenders driving experience to whole new level in a way no other solution can. Andrew says go with TracTive every time. 

What can I say but….WOW!

It is so much better than I had expected in every way. The suspension is truly superb. It rolls less than my new Carpathian V8 90 but it’s so smooth, even on setting 4.

Nene Overland

RIVOLVE individual Defenders go with TRACTIVE 

The 930 era of Porsche 911 has always had a reputation of being a tricky car to master on the limit, it likes to only be driven one way and will punish drivers who make mistakes, especially the turbo versions.  Steve’s restomod on the TracTive suspension is an absolute revelation.  I can categorically say it is the most composed, sure footed, confidence-inspiring and compliant 911 of that era I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

The adjustability of the different damper settings meant it was by far the most sure footed car on track in poor weather conditions, quite something when it was up against brand new supercars and hyper cars, and as the conditions improved a small tweak with the onboard selector screen and the car soaked up the bumps of the Castle Combe track while braking, cornering and accelerating with incredible stability, composure and grip and gave Steve the confidence to push the car close to its limits.  Its ability to work in conditions at both end of the spectrum really surprised me, most aftermarket kits are good at one thing to the detriment of the other end of the scale but Steve’s car was sure footed, communicative and confidence inspiring whatever the conditions and whatever type of corner. 

The ability to maintain adjustability on the throttle and in particular on the entry phase to the bends on the brakes with a rear-engined car is the key to its pace and the fact that it did this with aplomb speaks very highly of the system.  And coupled with the fact that at the end of the day Steve was giving hotlap rides to all the staff and was the last to leave the track and simply removed his helmet, pressed one button on the selector to change the damper settings then headed back out onto the public road for a gentle cruise home speaks volumes for the capability of the system.

David Hornsey

Racer, Coach, Author.

Ford Escort fitted with TracTive suspension system

It was a pleasure working with TracTive to develop the semi active suspension for the new MST Mk1.

The suspension has transformed the car in terms of ride quality and improved handling on a wide range of surfaces from bumpy Welsh roads to full on race track driving.

Carwyn Ellis

We have been working with Steve and TracTive Suspension UK since 2021 and have helped to develop their dampers using various Porsche track and race cars that we run. Since switching their car’s suspension systems to TracTive, all of our drivers and customers have seen large improvements in the performance and handling of their cars and an increased ability to be competitive whilst on track.

Steve is both extremely professional and passionate, hence why we value our partnership with both him and TracTive UK so strongly and the prosperous future that we have ahead of us.

SW Engineering

TracTive Motorsport Reseller

Technical Specifications

TracTive Suspension System specs
TracTive Suspension System specs

Manual Adjustment Technology Explained

One-Way manually adjustable
TracTive One-Way dampers are based on the knowledge obtained while developing the ACE systems. The dampers are built using the same high-end components as all other TracTive products and offer 20 clicks of adjustment, which will adjust both rebound and compression damping. Each application is custom valved and optimised for the best performance.

Three-Way manually adjustable
The Three-Way system is a no-compromise, race-developed suspension system with independent adjustment of rebound and low- and high-speed compression damping. External reservoirs increase fluid capacity to ensure lower operating temperatures when competing in race events. These reservoirs can be remotely situated, piggy-backed or mounted inline. With this system you will experience blistering reaction times, improved bump absorption and a massive increase in grip that will give you the confidence to push your car to its absolute limits and beyond, while still keeping you safe.

Electronic Semi-Active Damping Explained

ACE Active Controlled Electronics
Our standalone ACE systems gives you independent damping control. You can adjust roll and pitch interference for stable braking, controlled corner entry and after hitting the apex precisely, a better acceleration out of the corner. Curbstones and road undulations are perfectly managed by each individual damper.

Inside each ACE damper is our patented Dynamic Damping Adjustment (DDA) valve. This DDA valve is controlled by a sensitive multi-axis g-sensor and advanced algorithms developed from decades of racing and road testing. A dynamic proportional valve operating as a bypass has capacity for a large range of damping adjustment, and is capable of responding within only 6-10ms.

TracTive DDA, the world’s fastest valve!
Considering the human brain reacts within 150ms, you realise what a gamechanger the TracTive ACE system is compared to all conventional suspension systems.

ACE has the intuitive ability to react to changing road surfaces and conditions. Bumps and compressions are absorbed before you have the chance to notice them. Especially on track through a series of high-speed curves this makes it possible to hold the line without deflection.

Grip levels in all conditions are vastly improved, maximising each tyres contact patch. This gives you the ability to push your car to limits you wouldn’t have thought possible, maintaining safer driving. Electronic damper settings are completely adjustable on your touchscreen, ranging from full road compliance to controlled aggression on track. This is all within reach for you as the driver through the touchscreen display. Five individual settings can be saved which allows you change the setup of the car within seconds.

R-ACE Active Controlled Electronics
R-ACE combines all the benefits of the ACE technology with the addition of secondary low- and high-speed compression adjustments, which are tuned for the application and motorsport discipline.

The low- and high-speed compression damping adjusters can fine-tune damper characteristics to find the perfect balance for individual track setup, driver preferences and race pace improvements. The compression adjusters can be located remotely, piggy-backed or mounted in-line with the dampers.

As the name suggests, R-ACE is best suited for extreme race and endurance applications. R-ACE is the very pinnacle of what is currently possible using knowledge gained from decades of racing at the highest level and electronic controlled damping reacting in a few milliseconds.

Plug & Play
When your car is originally equipped with electronic controlled damping or not, we are able to offer you a Plug & Play upgrade or a completely standalone kit, both for ACE and R-ACE systems.