Warranty Procedure

Dear TracTive Customer,

You purchased a product which has been assembled with the utmost care and tested according to our ISO9001:2015 Quality system. In the unlikely event that the product does not fulfill your expectations because of faulty materials or manufacturing errors, please contact us through your dealer.

TracTive Suspension BV warrants that if, within 24 months of the date of manufacturing, the product is found to be defective as a result of manufacturing errors or faulty components, the product will be repaired free of charge by any certified and released Tractive Suspension service partner, this at the discretion of the TracTive partner. The warranty covers the direct service material cost, service labour cost (50 Euro/hr) and shipping costs of the service partner. Other costs will be regarded on a case by case basis by TracTive.

When a claim is made under the warranty, the following conditions have to be met:

  • You must have read the instructions carefully before mounting the product in the vehicle or adjusting the product. The product has to be installed and adjusted as described in the instructions.
  • The product must have been maintained and serviced in accordance with the recommendations in the manual. If not described in the manual, the recommended service intervals for regular street use: every 30.000 km or max 2 years, whichever is earlier.
  • Warranty shall apply only when TracTive original parts, procedures and tools have been used to service and/or repair, and if service and repair is performed by designated TracTive partners.
  • The product may not have been neglected, improperly used, altered or subjected to excessive loads. Excluded from warranty are normal wear, damage and rust.
  • A valid warranty card and the sales receipt or other proof of purchase.


Excluded from warranty are in particular products which are used in vehicles that are intended or suitable for taking part in sporting events, or have actually been used this way.

Recommended service interval for Motorsport applications: every season, or every 50 hours or after any perceived loss in performance.

Best regards,
Your TracTive team

Technical Specifications

TracTive Suspension System specs
TracTive Suspension System specs

Manual Adjustment Technology Explained

One-Way manually adjustable
TracTive One-Way dampers are based on the knowledge obtained while developing the ACE systems. The dampers are built using the same high-end components as all other TracTive products and offer 20 clicks of adjustment, which will adjust both rebound and compression damping. Each application is custom valved and optimised for the best performance.

Three-Way manually adjustable
The Three-Way system is a no-compromise, race-developed suspension system with independent adjustment of rebound and low- and high-speed compression damping. External reservoirs increase fluid capacity to ensure lower operating temperatures when competing in race events. These reservoirs can be remotely situated, piggy-backed or mounted inline. With this system you will experience blistering reaction times, improved bump absorption and a massive increase in grip that will give you the confidence to push your car to its absolute limits and beyond, while still keeping you safe.

Electronic Semi-Active Damping Explained

ACE Active Controlled Electronics
Our standalone ACE systems gives you independent damping control. You can adjust roll and pitch interference for stable braking, controlled corner entry and after hitting the apex precisely, a better acceleration out of the corner. Curbstones and road undulations are perfectly managed by each individual damper.

Inside each ACE damper is our patented Dynamic Damping Adjustment (DDA) valve. This DDA valve is controlled by a sensitive multi-axis g-sensor and advanced algorithms developed from decades of racing and road testing. A dynamic proportional valve operating as a bypass has capacity for a large range of damping adjustment, and is capable of responding within only 6-10ms.

TracTive DDA, the world’s fastest valve!
Considering the human brain reacts within 150ms, you realise what a gamechanger the TracTive ACE system is compared to all conventional suspension systems.

ACE has the intuitive ability to react to changing road surfaces and conditions. Bumps and compressions are absorbed before you have the chance to notice them. Especially on track through a series of high-speed curves this makes it possible to hold the line without deflection.

Grip levels in all conditions are vastly improved, maximising each tyres contact patch. This gives you the ability to push your car to limits you wouldn’t have thought possible, maintaining safer driving. Electronic damper settings are completely adjustable on your touchscreen, ranging from full road compliance to controlled aggression on track. This is all within reach for you as the driver through the touchscreen display. Five individual settings can be saved which allows you change the setup of the car within seconds.

R-ACE Active Controlled Electronics
R-ACE combines all the benefits of the ACE technology with the addition of secondary low- and high-speed compression adjustments, which are tuned for the application and motorsport discipline.

The low- and high-speed compression damping adjusters can fine-tune damper characteristics to find the perfect balance for individual track setup, driver preferences and race pace improvements. The compression adjusters can be located remotely, piggy-backed or mounted in-line with the dampers.

As the name suggests, R-ACE is best suited for extreme race and endurance applications. R-ACE is the very pinnacle of what is currently possible using knowledge gained from decades of racing at the highest level and electronic controlled damping reacting in a few milliseconds.

Plug & Play
When your car is originally equipped with electronic controlled damping or not, we are able to offer you a Plug & Play upgrade or a completely standalone kit, both for ACE and R-ACE systems.